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Verify Your Bond: User Information


This guide is designed to serve obligees who may want to verify the authenticity of surety bonds that they are being asked to accept. The most reliable way to authenticate a surety bond is to contact the issuing surety company directly. However, it is often difficult to ascertain the correct address, telephone number or person to contact at the surety. Accordingly, this guide contains a list of surety companies that have volunteered to be included. The listings provide information as to how the sureties can be contacted for the purposes of authenticating a bond. Since participation in this program is voluntary, not every surety company is listed.

If A Company Is Not Listed

If a company is not listed, the obligee might want to consider other information sources such as telephone directories, websites, the insurance department of the state where the company is domiciled or where the risk is located, the Federal Treasury List (, the A.M. Best Rating Guide or the obligee’s insurance agent or broker. If these sources do not provide the necessary information, users of this guide are welcome to contact The Surety & Fidelity Association for assistance.

When To Inquire

The inquiry to authenticate a bond should be made immediately after the bond is presented to ensure sufficient time for a response. When making an inquiry, it is important to recognize that it may take a few days for the surety to respond. Surety bonds are frequently executed by agents or in field offices of the company. In many cases, it takes a few days before a newly executed bond is entered into the data processing network or is reported to the supervising office.
However, if an inquiry is not answered within two weeks, a follow up might be suggested.

Cross Referencing

Several of the surety companies listed in this guide are members of a group of companies which have common ownership. If all inquiries for companies in the group are to go to one particular contact, the listing in the guide will be in the name of the group with the subsidiary companies included in the listing.

Information Needed

When making an inquiry to authenticate a bond, the obligee should provide the following information, at a minimum:


  1. Bond number (if any).
  2. Name and address of principle (including all of the names of the parties if the principal is a joint venture).
  3. Name and address of obligee.
  4. Amount of Performance Bond.
  5. Amount of Payment Bond.
  6. Date bond executed.
  7. Name of person signing bond for the surety.
  8. Brief description of project.
  9. Contract price.
  10. Directions as to whom the confirmation should be sent.

The best way to supply this information is to enclose a photocopy of the bond with your inquiry. In lieu of submitting a photocopy of the bond, a suggested form for supplying this information is included with this guide. Users are invited to use this form in making their inquiries. Click here for the form.

Note: The companies listed in this Guide have ranked their preferred method of making an inquiry. To maximize efficiency, please contact the company using the method that is ranked number 1 by that company. When a method of preference is indicated, the primary or preferred method is shown as number 1 the second preferred method is shown as number 2, etc.

Check Name

The name of the surety company appearing on the surety bond should be identical to the name of the surety company appearing in the guide. If there is any discrepancy, that fact should be called to the attention of the surety company when making an inquiry.

Note: This Guide should not be relied on as an indication as to the solvency or financial strength of any of the surety companies listed. Users that are interested in determining the solvency or financial strength of the company should consult other resources such as state insurance departments, A.M. Best Company or insurance agents and brokers.

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